Cheap Airsoft Guns Electric

Thursday, March 6, 2014

If you're looking for where to buy aitsoft guns electric, then check out these deals, find the cheap aitsoft guns electric for sale that's right for you, and buy it from the most reliable and trustworthy online retailers.

Marines Airsoft KT01 Battle Kit

  • Rifle has 350 BB capacity and shoots up to 325 FPS
  • Flip-up sights and adjustable hop-up
  • Pistol has 14-round magazine and shoots up to 200 FPS

Don't go into battlefield unprepared, go in with the Marines KT01 Battle Kit. The spring-powered rifle features a folding stock for close combat or extend it for long-range stability. Velocities up to 325 fps and 350 BB capacity, you may be outmanned but you won't be outgunned. Flip-up sights and adjustable hop-up.

Soft Air Famas Tactical Rifle/Red Dot Scope/Silencer/Light, Black

  • Replica air rifle with unique design and aggressive styling that help it stand out from other carbine rifles
  • Unique "Bullpup" configuration, with ammo feed behind trigger, maximizes barrel length while maintaining efficient use in CQB maneuvers
  • Red dot scope, silencer and tactical flashlight included; high density composite material
  • 45-round ammunition magazine; muzzle speeds up to 370 feet per second (FPS) with 0.12-gram BBs and 300 FPS with 0.2-gram BBs
  • This item is not for sale in some specific zip codes
  • 340-370 FPS with .12g BB, 275-300FPS with a .20g BB.
  • BAX Shooting System. This offers exceptional Stability in performance with additional bonus of increased velocity and accuracy.

The FAMAS Assault Rifle is featured in the newest Call of Duty: Black Ops for a reason. Its unique design and aggressive styling help it stand out from other carbine rifles. Unique "Bullpup" configuration, with the ammo feed behind the trigger, maximizes barrel length while maintaining efficient use in CQB maneuvers

Marines Airsoft ER02 Rifle
  • Shoots up to 275 FPS
  • 76-round capacity
  • Quad rail for accessorizing
  • Adjustable hop up, sights and stock

Lead the assault with the Crosman U.S. Marine Corps dual-powered, close-quarters deluxe airsoft rifle. The rifle lets you switch from semi- or full-auto electric mode to single-shot spring, giving you plenty of options when taking down the enemy stronghold. Capable of firing 600 rounds per minute at 275 feet per second, the rifle also includes an adjustable hop-up and sights for accurate aiming. And the rifle's four-sided Picatinny rail system makes it easy to attach a laser, flashlight, or vertical grip. The rifle comes with a souvenir dog tag with a top-secret code for use at


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